The Great $500,000.00 Gift Certificate Giveaway!

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by chris

It’s that time of year again, and Colorado Springs Award Winning Russian Day Spa pulling out all the stops this year!

Each year, we like to help out our best clients with their holiday shopping, so we give them some gift certificates for Free to hand out to their friends.

THIS year, we decided to help out ALL our facebook fans! We’ve also “upped the ante” by making the gift certificates worth $50 value! (each good for a Free service AND $20 towards another service). Each fan can have FIVE of them!

…we just ask 2 things:
1 – please subscribe to our blog here (there’s a link to the left) AND
2 – comment below!
(and if you want to buy a larger gift certificate at for your sweetie this year too, we’d appreciate it:)

The rules:
You have to pass them out as gifts (ok, you can keep one for yourself)
Limit 1 per household
LIMITED to the first 2,000 who signup
…that’s it!

Click here, hit print, and pass ‘em out to 5 friends (and remember to pay it forward).

Enjoy and happy holidays!

“To your health”

P.S. Make sure to “subscribe” for blog updates on the left and comment down below here!

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Genevieve Brune

I actually subscribed to your blog before I even found you on facebook. :) Thank you so much for the gift certificates.

Teddi Petrone

looking forward to a peaceful visit…. one day soon I hope!

Angie Lee

I have been waiting for an opportunity to try your wonderful Spa, and it is finally here! I love seeing my friend Denise Rice on your commercials too! Thank you!

Dee m

I believe that you guys are good by all the comments I see all the time.I hope I can make it in some time soon . I need a nice relaxing facial. :) thank you for this promotion. :)


Wow this is amazing what you are you doing. Can’t wait to come in.

Anne J

What a wonderful gift. I’ll have to bring my sister in. Thank you!


Loved my visit, will get some gifts forth holidays.


Your such a kind person, since you been my friend on facebook you have given alot back to the community. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.


It is amaing to see all that you give. I have not had the pleasure of having a treatment yet, but I keep hoping to soon. Blessings, Love and Peace on this awesome holiday.

Kirsty Strobridge

This is so cool you guys rock!!!


What an amazing offer you are wonderful.

D. Denise Ringeman

Jennia is one of the nicest people I have ever met!!! I have had a great massage there and a nice facial! I really like the atmosphere there!!


What a wonderful giveaway! Thanks!


I already am a member of your blog:)


Oooooh…How exciting! I am totally in need of some TLC!! :-) Merry Christmas to all of you at RDS!! :-)


I LOVE Colorado Springs! I visit often, since my bff lives there. Can’t wait to try you out!!

Carolyn Franzen

What an amazing offer you are wonderful.

Kereigh Varhall

What a great opportunity to get over there and try you guys out! Thank-you!

Ashley Y

Can’t wait to share with my friends! They are going to love it!


I love you guys! Brent and Omar are the best I’ve ever experienced at a spa.


Wow, what a great offer! Thank you for doing this!

Autumn Valdez

I actually already subscribed to your blog but I haven’t received my gift certificate and I was one of the first 2,000. Any direction you could give me? Can’t wait to visit your spa!!


Thank you, thank you And Thank YOU!

…to print them, just click the link above in our post!


Wow what a great gift!


WOW! What a great Christmas gift! Thank you, and I’m sure my friends will thank you too!


Thank you. My friends will love it!


What a wonderful present. I love this spa. I have enjoyed all the services I tried and can recommend them to everyone. I also found a wonderful lady to do my hair. Finally no more bad haircuts. Thanks Regina.

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